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First off, I want to say that this piece is really adorable and extremely well crafted! The intricate little details are really amusing...

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Let me just start off in saying that this photograph is very impressive! The way that you captured the tendrils of water spraying from ...

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First off, I want to say that I think the design of this creature is just amazing. I really love the facial construction and expression...


The security feed slowly crackled to life and revealed what appeared to have been a relatively uneventful patrol at its beginning. Rouge and Julie-Su walked down the desolate streets in silence for a couple of moments, warily looking into the mostly darkened homes of the residence with a sense of dullness. Though Rouge’s specialty was in close-combat, she still carried around a firearm just to be on the safe side of things, especially since things had been so utterly strange lately. Her sniff and wrinkled muzzle made Julie-Su chuckle a bit as they walked.
“What, you aren’t enjoying this random snowfall in the tail end of what’s supposed to be summer?” her echidna partner chimed, which she wryly chuckled at.
“I guess it’s not any weirder than anything else that’s been going on lately, is it?” Rouge replied. “I gotta admit though, I was surprised to see your name on the roster for guard patrol. Even though things have been dead as a damn doornail, I thought that mate of yours was keeping you under lock and key ever since you both found out about your little bundle of joy on the way. Congrats on that by the way.”
“Heh, thanks…” Julie-Su replied, blushing a bit. “We just recently found out when I went in to get my yearly exam. Yeah Knuckles has been trying to keep me about as out of the way as physically possible ever since we found out…on the one hand it’s sweet as hell that he’s so protective but he should know by now I’m not one to sit around on my duff. I’m giving it another day or two before I decide to nest down and wait on it.” It was obvious by her tone that despite how blasé she acted about, she was actually incredibly excited inwardly to be expecting.
Rouge chuckled a bit and glimpsed to the wayside, thinking she observed something, but it was just a swirl of snowflakes hovering in the air. Julie-Su, however, had stopped and was staring down a wide alleyway that led to an empty fountain. There, in front of the strong structure of the drained fountain, a figure was standing there, perfectly still.
At first Julie-Su bristled a bit, feeling uneasy, until she took a closer look. “ that Silver…?” she asked, starting to gradually approach him.
Rouge grunted an agreement, but gripped Julie-Su’s shoulder. “Hey hon, I’m getting some bad vibes here…” she whispered to her; as they were now only a few yards away, they could see that Silver was…different. Not physically, but most of his form had been mechanically modified it appeared. Julie-Su took this in silently; the technology looked different from anything she’d seen before…and there were no telltale markings of Eggman’s regime on them. That pompous bastard pretty much slathered anything artificial he made with his calling card. No, this looked much more ancient…
Julie-Su still crept forward a bit, however, noticing Silver’s expression. Or rather, the lack thereof of one. He looked like he was peacefully asleep, though there was an eeriness to the gentleness of it. “S-Silver…?” She kept her gun cocked and ready in her right hand, but timidly reached out with her other to touch his shoulder and see if that garnered a reaction.
Unfortunately for her, it did.
Silver’s glass-layered helmet suddenly seemed to click to life, as well as the other elements of tech that had been integrated into his form, all of them activating with the same tranquil aqua green energy field that he produced with his psycho-telekinetic powers. This all occurred instantaneously, however, and Julie-Su didn’t even have a breath’s time to recoil before Silver suddenly reached forward and gripped her wrist in his hand; wordlessly, he strengthened his grip swiftly to the point where he snapped her wrist with ease. Julie-Su cried out in anguish as Rouge immediately aimed her firearm, but Silver’s reflexes were almost inhuman; he suddenly ripped Julie-Su towards him slightly before suddenly jolting her, harshly, back into her patrol partner.
Thankfully, the gun fired off into the corner of a building and didn’t cauterize a hole right through Julie-Su’s torso, though almost immediately Silver started to step toward them methodically.
Gritting her teeth and putting aside the fiery pain in her wrist, Julie-Su suddenly grabbed Rouge by her own wrist and ripped her up and away. “We need to get the hell out of here and warn the others! We can’t take him on on our own!”
“10-4 to that,” Rouge replied, suddenly taking off into the air once she had a tight grip on Julie-Su’s wrist; they’d move much quickly through the air than trying to dodge through alleyways and risk obstructions.
Unfortunately, taking to the air was no advantage over their opponent, who almost immediately pursued them through the air, but not before the two of them watched in abject horror as Silver’s surge of power almost instantaneously leveled the buildings to either side of them, sending pieces of shrapnel and debris in their direction. Rouge herself was adept at flying even in chaotic conditions like this, but having a passenger along for the ride made this much more difficult. Silver, however, flowed through the broken plaster, glass and other materials as though they weren’t even there. The security feed ruptured a bit here and there as the bot was struck and dinged with material, but it followed them in spite of this.
Rouge took this in almost immediately. “His movements and his control are different…” she murmured loudly enough for her companion and the camera to overhear.
“Silver was always powerful but he was still learning how to hone his abilities…” Julie-Su agreed as Rouge landed them onto the rooftop of a darkened warehouse, concealing them both behind an air conditioning vent. Their breath was solidifying in the air. “He moves with more…precision now. Also he looks like he’s still sleeping…”
“Which means, it’s Silver’s body but not his mind,” Rouge said, cocking her gun. “That makes things way more complicated…I don’t like fighting an enemy that isn’t making their own choices…”
She wasn’t given a choice, however, as the unit they were hiding behind suddenly warped and then exploded behind them, revealing Silver, who seemed like he’d likely been there listening to them the entire time and had only just then chosen to act. The blow sent the two of them catapulting forward and while Julie-Su rushed to catch herself from falling off the roof entirely, Rouge readied her weapon and fired it at Silver.
The weapon seemed to have little effect, however; the bullets that it released only seemed to catch themselves in the shield that he placed around himself. She was so tempted to simply lunge at him and give him a healthy kick to the abdomen, but Silver’s powers made close combat about damn near impossible.
Silver seized the opportunity of her pause, however, and Rouge suddenly felt her body seize and tense as he surrounded her in his energy, lifting her up as he stayed parallel to her, before he suddenly caused a ripple through the energy and shot her away from him. It was a crushing blow, one made worse by the fact that the energy made his victims’ bodies go rigid, so injury was inevitable. Rouge struck the wall of the adjacent warehouse with such force, however, that she was pretty much crushed through it and launched out the other side; it hurtled her through a few more structures before she finally impacted a stone abutment and crumpled; for all her endurance, the combination of the injury from so many hits and also the apparent draining effect of Silver’s energy made it impossible for her to get back onto her feet. She slumped down and collapsed onto her side and into the thin sheet of snow on the ground.
“Rouge!!” Julie-Su cried out; she had no idea at this distance if she’d just witnessed her companion die or not, but she had her own problems; she swiftly felt the same seizing and painful nerve misfirings as Silver’s telekinetic energy bathed over her and lifted her from ledge of the building she had clung to.
Julie-Su suddenly felt a wave of awful anxiety; if he killed her, she’d be taking her unborn child with her…she was so tempted to plead with him, but the energy made it feel like she was choking.
Silver, however, did not do the same to her; instead, it was almost as though he was…observing her? Well, as much as someone could while their eyes were closed. His body language however was more relaxed and the techno-screens across his features were clicking and seeming to be analyzing her. It was a tense moment, especially as she felt a couple warm trickles of blood spreading down her face from the explosion, her winter garb tattered.
Finally it seemed he’d made his decision and she felt her airway tighten, though oddly, it was not as painful as someone violently trying to strangle her. Instead, it felt like someone had their thumb pressed purposefully against her trachea, though the deprivation of oxygen was enough to make her panic. The blackness of unconsciousness came quickly and painlessly, however, which was how he seemed to want it, before his energy faded and he let her fall.
She had been about two stories in the air, but her fall was cushioned by a snow pile below; she landed on it and slid down it harmlessly and down onto the road. She was still breathing but out cold herself now as well.
Silver landed just beyond her as the security bot sputtered, making failed attempts to send out a distress signal to Headquarters thanks to the damage that the debris had done to it. Silver paused then looked at the bot before he seemed intent on leaving them behind and progressing towards the heart of the city. The machine spurted and sputtered, before the feed finally died completely, and the error screen hung eerily in place of everything that had just happened.
RP Snippet
Just a snippet scene from an RP I'm doing right now, written out full length since it involves all characters that I'm currently using. :P
  • Mood: Excited
Special Collab Commissions!

Thanks to a really wonderful new friend of mine, for a short time I'm going to be offering collaborated commissions with lineart and inking by myself, and wonderful digital colors by my new friend rydi1689! Her gallery is full of beautiful digital art pieces so go and check her out! The funds for these commissions are going towards a small trip/ late honeymoon for my husband and I since we're financially pretty strapped, but are really hoping to attend the New York Comic Con/Anime Festival in October 2012. We've never been on a trip together and this is an event and place that we've always wanted to go to. (Neither of us have ever been to New York City even though we only live a few hours away, and neither of us have ever been to a major convention before.)

We're still keeping commission prices as affordable as we can since we know that most people out there are also a bit behind financially, but any help is extremely appreciated. Please Note: These commissions are only going to be available for a limited amount of time since rydi1689 is on break from school, and once she is back in school she will more than likely be too busy with her studies for art, so if you really want one of these commissions then let one of us know right away so we can give you an open slot! The commission prices are as follows down below:

:bulletblue: Full-Body One Character Picture with Simple Background - $10 (+$1 for a more detailed background)

:bulletgreen: Full-Body Two Character Picture with Simple Background - $12 (+$1 for a more detailed background)

:bulletpurple: Full-Body Three Character Picture with Simple Background - $14 (+$1 for a more detailed background)

:bulletred: Any more addition characters in the picture add $2 to the price, and another $1 for a detailed background.

:bulletyellow: Mecha / Robotic Full-Body Pics - $14 + $2 per character for Mecha and/or Robotic characters (Because of complexity).

:bulletblue: Anthro characters are the same price as human characters, unless they are thoroughly detailed, in which case there may be an additional dollar or two added onto the final price. Show us references of your characters in advance so we can see their complexity.

:bulletgreen: PayPal: My PayPal address is still, so that is where all commission payments should be sent to.

:bulletred::bulletred: Things that I will not draw: Absolutely no graphic hentai (some nudity and intimacy are allowed, but nothing drastic or explicit), graphic fetishes (something playful or harmless is fine, but nothing explicit, like S&M, etc.), strong yaoi or yuri (hugging or hanging out together closely are fine, but that's my absolute limit on those, sorry, and absolutely no incestuous pairings), graphic gore or violence (blood is OK, entrails are not), and of course, absolutely nothing that is hateful towards a certain group (aka nothing racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.).

:star: You can either comment on this journal or Note either myself or rydi1689 if you are interested in one of these commissions. As I said before, I'll be extremely thankful/grateful/appreciative/excited for any sort of help that I can get towards this trip, because going on it means a lot to us, so thank you in advance to those of you who are willing to help! :tighthug: Also, we are both negotiable on prices if you are a little strapped for cash or want to do payment plans, I promise that we won't bite if you want to discuss it! =) Also if you order more than one commission, we'll shave a few dollars off of the second/additional ones and give you a good deal. I do prefer if you can pay up front or at least give half of the payment for the commissions (just because of the actions of past scammers), but if you talk with us I'm sure we'll work something else that everyone will be happy with.

I'll be opening five slots for now, but I can always do more if we generate enough interest in these:

:star: Collab Commissions Slot #1: azarah - One Character Commish [Unpaid]

:star: Collab Commissions Slot #2: LadyIverin - Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed) and Hot Pants (Steel Ball Run) in a Venetian-style setting. [Paid in Full]

:star: Collab Commissions Slot #3: LuigiUser - Himself, Princess Daisy and Princess Peach [Unpaid]

:star: Collab Commissions Slot #4: LuigiUser - Himself, princess Daisy and Princess Peach [Unpaid]

:star: Collab Commissions Slot #5: Open

Also, here are some examples of rydi1689's gorgeous coloring, so you can get an idea of what the finished product will look like after we've finished it. Go to her gallery and give her some love too, she really deserves it so much!

. Lord Lazeri of Death . by rydi1689 Nami . Back to the beach by rydi1689G o t c h a by rydi1689Las 1001 Noches by rydi1689To reach you by rydi1689W i s d o m .and. B l o o d by rydi1689
(Go check out the rest of her gallery too, she has many, many many gorgeous pieces in there! :love:)

(PS: I'm trying to avoid Journal Skins for a bit because I've noticed all of my journals have been cut off really badly and I'm starting to wonder if that's what's causing it, so let's give the blank one a try. ;<<)


United States
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Personal Quote: "God loves each of us as if there were only one of us." - St. Augustine

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